is this is how we look doing dryland??


is this is how we look doing dryland??


Ima be graduating soon! (if it doesn’t kill me >.>) anyways to celebrate I’m going to give away a bunch of free shit including:


kk Prizes as follows: There are 4 chances. Check out the stuff here and here and here. 

  • Prize One
  • FREE PIZZA: I will call and order you a normal large pizza from any major chain near you. You can choose what chain and what toppings. I will pay for pizza, delivery, and tip. By major chain I mean Pizza Hut, Papa John’s etc. This prize can only be won by a U.S. resident which I can easily get a pizza to. My point is I’m not getting you a $50 pizza. :3
  • 2 Free Prints of your choice from my shop
  • Prize Two
  • Twitch Plays Pokemon Shirt from my Redbubble Store. 
  • Prize Three:
  • Any mousepad from my Etsy Store
  • $10 RP card
  • Prize Four
  • Any three Prints 

To enter all you have to do is reblog, follow this blog, and like/comment on contest post on my facebook page. I will pick winners on April 1st (no joke!). Two winner will be chosen on Tumblr and two on facebook. Whoever gets back to me first gets to claim whichever prize they want. Make sure to have you ask boxes open so I can get ahold of you! You have tow days to get back to me before I pick a replacement winner. 

Good Luck Everyone!







this is my favorite thing tyra banks has ever said

this is important

i fucking love tyra


This it’s fantastic.

This is why I love Tyra

reblog if ur older than 10 and play pokemon


my sister says she’s getting teased at her school for liking pokemon. shes in fifth grade. my mom is telling her that she’s too old to be playing pokemon. my sister is 10. My mom said ‘Pokemon is geared towards a younger audience.’ But I’m 15, in high school, and i still play pokemon and my mom hasnt said anything about it to me. i want to prove a point to my mom, so if you’re older than 10 and play pokemon please reblog this post! 

I’m 23. It’s my birthday and all i wanna do is stay home and play pokemon instead of going to work